“Santa Muerte” by Mel Green featured in Descant’s Newest Issue #152 “Ghosts and the Uncanny” Available in bookstores and online March 28, 2011

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Border Stories, Descant, Santa Muerte, Texas Fiction
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Descant is an internationally lauded  Literary and Arts Journal. A quarterly, it has featured such writers as Margaret Atwood, Dennis Lee, R. Murray Schafer, Timothy Findley, Michael Ondaatje, Anne Michaels, artists like Geoffrey Pugen, Ryan Burghard, Balint Zsako and many others.

This collection takes a daring look into the world of the dead, sometimes beckoning to it, even daring to interact with it. Also featured in this issue along with Mel Green are Richard Rosenbaum, Jennifer Oliver, Kate Cayley, Douglas Curran and Daniel Zuckerbrot.

Get a copy of Descant #152 “Ghosts and the Uncanny” or a list of bookstores that carry Descant at: http://www.descant.ca/

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