Little Boxes

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

My wife keeps the box the thing comes in. Any thing. She has the boxes the phones came in. The box to The Palm (the second one).  I was staring at the shoe boxes stacked in the closet and it came to me–this is where it must have started–women generally save their shoe boxes to keep their shoes in. Makes sense–keeps dust off the shoes, keeps a pair from separating and it makes them easy to identify–if you’re a woman. I never saved my shoe boxes, at least not to keep my shoes in.  I wore my shoes. Probably had no more than three pair at a time: sneaks, dress and casual, maybe the odd pair of cowboy boots, but I’ve never been seized with regret over “where did I put that shoe box?!”  Is this a gender thing? And does it have to do with the numbers of shoes being held at one time? Just curious …

  1. I don’t keep shoe boxes except to save receipts in but my mother did. I recently threw out all the boxes from my apple products (iPhone, iPad, MacBook, MacBook Air, Wireless Keyboard and Magic TrackPad). I felt so liberated and have a lot more space in my closet. What the hell was I saving all that crap for?

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