About Mel Green

Mel Green has survived disco, military school and a childhood in Odessa Texas.

Discovered as a stand-up comedian and improvisational performer at The Comedy Store, The Improv, and The Holy City Zoo in San Francisco, he wrote on such seminal television series as SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and SCTV. A popular screenwriter, essayist and performer, he has been featured at the Utah Jazz Festival, Woodstock Fringe Festival, West Hollywood Book Fair, Rant and Rave, Tongue and Groove, Fanatic Salon, Spark off Rose, Jazz Poet’s Social Club, Vlad the Retailer, East Valley Poets, Flatrock Theatre, La Posada Milagro, in the anthologies Men in the Company of Women and The Panty Drawer and in Playboy, Cultural Weekly and Descant Magazines.

Mel Green’s novel MARKER is available at Amazon.com.