Border Stories

Contemporary tales from the Badlands; Lajitas Terlingua, Presidio and Ojinaga.

  • Santa Muerte – Soon to be featured in the spring 2011 issue of Descant, Canada’s lauded arts and literature journal.
  1. Debby and Jim says:

    Hey—are you Mel Green who worked at “The Front Room” in 1975/6 in San Francisco? Marion was your gal then? We went to Lake Tahoe, ran around SF with you guys, etc. Debby and Jim

    • Mel Green says:

      Yes, I am afraid I am that same Mel Green. Hope you, Debby & Jim are well. I contacted Marion last year. She is still in SF with a grown daughter (not mine). I’m in LA now and have been since I moved from SF in ’77 except for 3 years in Manhattan. What’s up with youse?

  2. George McMahon says:

    If you grew up in Odessa, Texas in the 50s and 60s, you have a reservoir of material to work with.

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